You have never seen a dog enjoying his car ride as much as this dog does…

Whoever has a dog already knows that once they get used to car rides, they have the most fun. Some dogs who are disciplined enough can roll with the window open, while others get used to car rides. I am sure that there is no bigger pleasure than experiencing a car ride like the dog in the following video does. We all have to admit that this fella is lucky enough that his daddy has the car that he has, so he can take the car ride fun to the next level. And if you are already wondering what does this dog do, then let me tell you a little bit about it.

This bloodhound is having the time of his life when he goes on a fun ride with his daddy. Lucky him daddy decided to take the top down on his Jeep, so he could fully enjoy the ride. I find this video really interesting, and filled with life. I say so because the owner of this dog planned everything to provide his little buddy with once in a lifetime experience. The dog is all strapped in, which means he is all safe and sound.

So if you want to have an adventure like the one you will see in the following video, then you should make sure to get your dog strapped, and never forget that safety comes first you guys. You might wanna be a little bit more careful with the selfie sticker. In the meantime you enjoy the beautiful dog, his amazing face expressions, and of course that big beautiful bright smile in his face!

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