These dogs would have been sold as meat if they stayed in South Korea, but then this happened…

It is really sad to think that in South Korea buying, selling, and eating dog meat is legal. We don’t know yet why this country is so pro animal cruelty, but we surely want to do something to make that change. People have to understand once and for all that dogs are not food. Dogs are supposed to be our companions. They are the ones that change our lives dramatically just by being present in it. Dogs have the power to make us better, to make our lives better, and to make us see the world in a whole different perspective.
The organizations PAWsitive Channel, Aniband, and Doggie Protective Services work day and night to help these animals in need. They want to save as many dogs from this country as possible. Their aim is to make the “dog eating” law unavailable, but so far the struggle has not paid off, or at leas not fully. What these organizations are doing now, is they buy these dogs from people who raise them with the purpose to sell them latter on to a dog meat factory, and bring them back to US. Only this way they can truly save these poor creatures from those who have no good intentions whatsoever.

It is really sad to see that many of these dogs have never even been out of a cage, and once they experience freedom, they can’t hide their emotions. They want to run free, and feel the wind up against their faces. They want to experience life the way they should, and all is possible now that they have been brought to the land of freedom. Once these dogs are put up for adoption, instantly they find their forever homes. My heart felt so much joy just watching these poor creatures smiling for the first time. They deserve all the love and the cuddles they are gonna get from their beloved families. Thank you to everyone who works so hard to make this happen. Please share!

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