This Photographer Dressed Dogs Up As Celebrities To Raise Money For The Local SPCA

The photographer is specialized for dog portraits and is also a dog rescue advocate. He has spent more than five years now putting together a calendar with photos every year to raise money for the local SPCA in  order to support the animal shelter.
This last year he decided to put together a calendar with portraits of famous people, especially the ones that lived during the ’50s. To achieve such idea is very difficult since ultimately they are just dogs and not always behave at their best. So getting a dog to stay still and embrace the given character is quite a challenge. So do not be surprised if you see a dog among others that looks just like himself and no one else.

The dogs used for the calendar used to be all shelter animal that were adopted and live now in sweet loving homes. For the photograph is very important the promotion of the ‘adopt don’t shop’ idea. That is why he does his best every time to capture different breeds with different shapes and sizes.

And be warned…The cuteness is overload here!

#1 aka Picasso


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