Pitbull stolen from family, found after 2 years in a cockfighting ring

A pit bull seized during a cockfighting ring bust last Saturday in Marlboro County was stolen two years ago and was reunited with its owner on Tuesday, according to Jennifer Hyduke with the Humane Society of Marlboro County. Nina Louise was stolen in december 2013, her family desperately searched for her everywhere and also offered a 500$ reward but Nina was nowhere to be found. They had almost lost every hope to find her, when her owner April she spotted a poster of a dog rescued from a cockfighting ring at the Humane Society of Marlboro County. It was her… it was Nina… and not only, she had a litter of puppies as a coming home gift. Nina was reunited with her loving family, and all the puppies found a sweet loving home later. Watch more about this story in the video below.

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