The Postman That Was Friendly With The Dog That Everyone Saw As Dangerous

When we see a big sized dog we immediately feel scared and try to avoid them as much as we can. Even though most of them are very sweet and not harmful at all.
In this video the owner of a big dog caught in camera from the window the postman that delivers the mail to them. Every day he says even if the postman has no mail to post, will stop the bike, get off of it and paddle the dog. Although everyone in the neighborhood sees him as dangerous this postman does not see him that way.

And oh boy is the dog happy to see and receive his cuddling and hugs. When looking at the video I really do not get it how any one can be afraid of that huge sweet dog.

[brid video=”59900″ player=”6679″ title=”POSTMAN MEETS DOG! AMAZING OUTCOME!”]

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