“Fresh Puppy of Bel-Air”-the story of a rescued dog.

When people adopt a new pet, they express their happiness, and celebrate the event in many different ways. Some prefer to buy a really comfortable bed for the new family member. Others celebrate by buying all kinds of toys and treats for their new family member. Well I have to say that this guy has found the best way to celebrate the adoption of his new family member. I am guessing he was too excited to make a new entry in the family, that he wanted to share the news with the whole world.
What you will see in the following video is a version of “The fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” This one is called “The fresh puppy of Bel-Air.” it is a short video that through the lyrics shows the story of the adoption of Fido from the moment he got to the shelter, to the moment he left the shelter and went to his forever home. I have to say that I really like the approach Liam Sullivan took at this video. He was creative, and really visionaire. This is such a special gift for his puppy, and I bet Fido feels so good to have someone so devoted as father.

If you have any plans to adopt e pet soon, then you too, can think of a fun, cute way to welcome them home. And if you want to make something artistic do not hesitate to share with us. We would love to see creative ideas from our fans. Enjoy the video, and if you think it is fun and creative, then SHARE!!!

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