The Journey of a German Shepherd from 8weeks to 8months!

An Australian couple decided to document their German Shepherds growth. The whole purpose of their documentation was to see how fast their puppy would grow. Turns out that their dog grew up really fast, and transformed from a little crying baby, to a big girl in a heart-beat! The German Shepherd’s name is Nasra, and she is famous now!  The journey of the dog was captured since the dog was 8weeks old, until 8months old. In an online interview the couple said: “When she was younger in particular people would stop us in the street and tell us how stunning she is,” the couple told the Daily Mail. They were “always commenting on her size, they’d say ‘Look at those paws, or her head, she’s going to be so big,’ and we’d laugh it off – but yeah, they were right!””

Here you all see three different pictures from the journey of the growth of Nasra. I believe in the first picture she is 8 weeks old, in the second 12weeks old, and 16weeks old in the third picture! Look at that body change, I mean she grew up so fast!

The Journey

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