The Life Of The Himalayas Dogs

There are thousands of homeless dogs living 3500 meters above sea level living in the Indian Himalayas. If during the day they get warmed by the sun, the night are cold and temperatures go below zero. With every sun set they are left freezing in the Himalayan small towns, fighting and scavenging for some food.

The same canines that are considered as a man’s best friend in some civilizations are killed and thrown stones at in these small Himalayan towns. These happens because there have been cases that starving packs of dogs have killed people in the past due to the extreme living conditions and starvation they go through.

In the small Himalayan town, Leh with one road in and one road out that is isolated for 6 months by snow, a photographer has captured stray dogs struggling with survival. Same people and dogs battle with the brutality of the winter in these areas.

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