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These 10 perfect puppies could never do anything wrong

Having a puppy feels exactly like having a little child. They are so pure and perfect, and no matter what they do, you can never get mad at them. It doesn’t matter if they wake up at 1AM asking for some milk, you will get up and bottle feed them. Or even if they poop everywhere in the house, you will just clean the mess, and continue loving them like never before. All of you who already own a puppy, can relate to what I am talking about. When I say these perfect puppies can never do anything wrong, I really mean it. They are just so cute and chunky, that not adoring them is not an option. The pictures below will prove everything I just said.

#1- “Mommy what do you mean when you say that I have to pee pee in the bathroom? Can’t i just do it everywhere around the house?”

perfect puppies

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