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These 10 pets are really regretting their poor barber choices. LoL

When people take their pets to the groomers, they decide to experience sometimes. They decide to cut their pets fur in a funny way. I can understand that it is a nice way to “change” our pets appearance every now and then, but what do your pets think? Well i this post you will see 10 unhappy pets with their hair-cuts. Looks like these poor creators are having some real barber issues, and they are making sure to let you know about that. So for all of you who want to take the pets to the groomer soon, please be careful. Your pet might end up hating the barber, and loving you less because of these “funny decisions.” I gotta say that #8 is really hilarious. Enjoy:
#1-  Looks like this poor puppy has gotten the haircut, no one would be wearing nowadays. Poor cutie doesn’t know what to do with its funny appearance. 

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