This artist does magic with pipe cleaners. Her art is really marvellous

A Californian based artist has found the perfect way to use pipe cleaners. She has decided to leave her own signature behind, therefore she i creating some real magic for the world to see. Her name is Lauren Ryan, and the images below are all her creations. She uses the pipe cleaners to create some realistic sculptures of animals just because she is a huge animal lover. The art she is creating will give the world a new perspective, and it is a really good example that art knows no limit. Art can be created from everything, everywhere. After watching the gallery, you are more than welcome to give us your pure opinion on this artist’s work.
1- You can see that this sculpture looks really realistic. It takes a lot of time to imagine how to create it, and then even more time to put it all together. She really is a perfectionist. 

What do you think?

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