This place looks like Siberia because of these Huskies, but it is not!

Every time we see pictures of Huskies sliding, our mind goes straight to Siberia. I say so because the magic of the trio: Snow-Husky-Sliding lies in the great territories of the huge cold sleeping land. But this time we are not there. These great pictures were not captured in the great, all white, sleeping land. These pictures were captured in Scotland. Last weekend sledders and Huskies were practicing for the 33rd Aviemore Sled Dog Rally at Loch Morlich. The crews were practising at a forest course in Feshiebridge, with the stars of the Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain. Their practicing created a dramatic sight against the fresh snow currently blanketing much of Scotland.
1- Happy faces practicing for the big daySiberia9

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