The touching story of a man and a dog who face obstacles of life together… WOW

This is a touching story of a man and a dog who are facing obstacles of life together. If you are asking yourself how can a man and a dog face the same problems in life, then allow me to tell you that this is a very special story.
We are talking about a dog who got hit by a car, and left alone to die in the middle of nowhere. The poor pup would be gone, if it wasn’t for San Antonio Pets Alive. They rescued the poor paralyzed creature who was put up to be euthanized. Once rescuing the dog, the shelter took good care of the dog, and literally brought him back to life. Once he was completely healthy, they decided to put him up for adoption. But because of his disability, no one seemed to care for him, until this loving couple came along.

man and dog storyMichael and his wife were looking for a dog to adopt when they meet the survivor. Immediately Michael fell in love with the dog, and decided to adopt him. He named him Chance because the dog had a second chance to live and be loved. The reason Michael felt like Chance was the right dog for him is because Michael suffers from a similar condition. He, too, can’t move around without his wheelchair. This is what Michael has to say about Chance: “The difference Chance makes in my life is the happiness and the courage to know that there is not anything that anybody can’t do.” “He kinda takes after me, I guess. He just knows we have no restrictions,” he adds. 

The following touching video will tell you a little bit more about this amazing story. We have to say that there would be no better family for chance than this one. Share out people!!!

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