Here’s what 8 animals would look like if they had eyes in front of their head

These article is so hilarious! I mean seriously, have you ever thought about these? Cause I sure have, like it is normal to wonder about it since humans have their eyes in front of their head, so why certain animals don’t.
One theory is that animals that are predators have their eyes in front to give them better depth perception so they can locate more effectively and take down their prey. And on the other side the prey has their eyes in the side to give them a wider vision to help them increase their survival.

So these is why we present to you 8 photoshopped animals with their eyes in front of their head.

#1 A Giraffe.these-how-animals-would-look-if-they-would-have-their-eyes-in-front-5

What do you think?

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