What is your dog’s Poop trying to say to you? Really important!!!

I know this might sound like a gross thing to talk about in public, but let’s face it, it is important to talk about everything. If you have a dog, and you love your dog to death, then every little detail might tell you something about his/hers health situation. As we have mentioned before different important body language expressions, or other gestures that might help you understand the health situation of your dog, your dog’s poop might mean something you need to know before it is a little too late. There are four important elements you should consider: Color, Consistency, Frequency and Odor.

#1- Color- We all know that poop is brown right? Well so if your dog’s poop is brown, then there is nothing to worry. But sometimes when your dog has an infection, then the poop tends to look a little yellowish. As a dog owner you should take your dog to the vet immediately when your dog’s poop is black. A truly black and tarry stool can be a sign of stomach bleeding, (like from a bleeding gastric ulcer) which can be life threatening.

dog poop types

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