When two Husky puppies want the same toy, they will definitely fight over it…

Everyone who has a sibling already knows the struggle is real in the family all the time. For all of you who have been raised alone, allow me to walk you through some of the craziest moments of the childhood: Being born to a family of four girls in which I was the youngest, I always had to fight for the things I wanted. Given that my sisters are older than me, they always got things their way. Whenever I wanted to play with one of their toys, or wanted to eat their meal, we had to fight over it first. Whoever won, had the right to choose what they wanted first. And as you can imagine, I never got to do things my way as a kid.
Pretty much the same happens with these two adorable Husky puppies, when they both want to play with the same toy. Their names are Mika and Nana, and even though Nana had the toy first, Mika wants to fight over the toy and decide who gets it at the end. The video below shows the whole “battle” between the two of them, and at the very end we have an official winner.

Now some of you might think that what they are doing is a little too harsh, but trust me they are just playing with each-other. They are just puppies, so we have to admit that no matter how these dogs grow, they will never grow out of their childish tendencies. The two puppies look as cute as they can get, and I hope you all have as much fun watching this video, as I did.

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