Hulk The 175-Pound Pitbull is Actually a Gentle Giant That Will Crush You With Kindness

#1- Meet The Hulk, 175-Pound Pit Bull That’s stolen our hearts.

#2- He is 17 months old pooch that’s actually still growing. Its hard to believe, given how big he is already.

#3- Despite his size and his breed, the Hulk is actually a gentle giant.

#4- This big lovable lug lives with Marlon, Lisa Grannan and their younger son Jordan.

#5- The Grannans actually run a kennel called Dark Dynasty K9s that specialized in raising and training dogs specifically pit bulls to be guard dogs.

#6- They know what their dogs are capable of and train each of them with the utmost attention and care.

#7- Lisa Told: “I have no concerns about any of the dogs around my son”.

#8- In addition to raising guard dogs, the Grannans are also dedicated to debunking preconceived notions about pit bulls.


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