Husky does something extremely amusing when they try to wake up his best friend

For all the morning people out there reading his post, my heart goes to you. I truly understand you all, and feel your morning pain because trust me, I am one of you. Since when I was little, I loved laying in my bed till noon. Of course this only happened when I was on vacations, or had holiday because unfortunately like the rest of you I had to wake up every single day of my life, without my will, to get to school.

And I gotta say that waking up in the morning to the sound of an alarm, or a person who yells next to me: ” WAKE UP.” Well judging from the video, I would say that this Husky and me have something in common: we both hate mornings.

As you will see from the video, this adorable Husky dog does something extremely amusing, when a mom “tries” to wake her baby boy up. I would say that the dog does not like the fact that his best friend has to give up the big comfortable bed, to go somewhere he is not looking forward too.

In other words, the dog is only protecting his little fella. That is why every time the child’s mom calls his name, or ties to wake him up, the dog gets really serious. He gets all greedy and overprotective, while laying on top of the child.

Once you get to see the video, and really understand what’s it about, you will be able to see how the dog is protecting the boy from getting up his bad, and also the dog is preventing something unwanted from happening.

I guess this whole attitude comes because of the fact that the little boy refuses to wake up, and his best of friend, the Husky dog, tries as hard as he can to guarantee his pal freedom, and tranquility. Oh My such a sweetheart…

What do you think?

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