Husky speaking his first words, and you have no idea what he says

When I first saw the video I didn’t really understand what the dog said. I mean I could see the captions from the Snapchat, but I couldn’t hear it. Then I replayed the video and there it is. I cannot believe my ears listening to this Husky speaking because he literally spoke two words. If you pay attention at the beginning of the video you will hear him saying “OH NO” right after the first bark. How cool is that you guys? I wander how is it possible to listen to a Husky speaking our language. I know i get it that he just made the sound, but what if not. What if he listened to this word way too many times, and he is just repeating what he has listened so many times? If you don’t believe what I am saying then you better watch this video, listen carefully, and tell me if what do you think? Is this Husky speaking, or is he just making some noise that sound like “OH NO” ?

What do you think?

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