How many different kinds of huskies are there?

Here we present you two Siberian husky types:

The show Siberian and the working Siberian.

1. Show Siberian huskies are bred to fit the breed standard as laid out by a Kennel Club. The show Siberian huskies are bred for their beautiful color pattern, shape, and overall stunning and exotic appearance. This type of huskies is wonderful, but the show Siberian husky sometimes suffer from a few health problems, and when it comes to working the show Siberian is not as efficient in the working field as working husky.

The show Siberian huskies are generally shorter, smaller, have a stockier looking build, have longer and plusher coats, and weigh less than the working Siberian.

Husky Types
Husky types – Image Source:Shutterstock

2. The working Siberian huskies are huskies that are bred for intelligence, ability, and health. The working Siberian huskies are not the right type for appearances, so even though they are pure bred huskies, many do not have the classic markings. The most important characteristics about the working Siberian is the intelligence and health.

The working Siberian huskies are usually much smarter and healthier and have way fewer health problems then the show huskies. Working huskies are generally leaner, taller, heavier, have shorter coats, and have darker markings on their faces. The working Siberian huskies are still used all over the world for sledding and working.

Husky types
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Siberian Husky engagement

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