Reasons Behind An Infertile Male Dog

Although it is not common at all to hear about infertility in male dogs it does exists. It may be cause by and injury or an infection, but sometimes even a sudden hormonal change can be a factor.
One of the indicators of infertility can be a smaller than expected litter size, due to sperm abnormalities. If you notice a lack of desire in your dog to mate than probably it is due to a hormone problem.

The reduction of sperm as a dog grows older among many other reasons like disease, injuries, inability  to ejaculate, low sperm count, drugs, physical effects can be the reason behind the infertility problem.

When taken to the vet, he needs to make a thorough examination to the dog and also to a collected semen sample. When the diagnosis indicates low sperm count than the thyroid needs to be checked regularly. Depending on the problem that is causing infertility will be given the right cure to treat it. When having a male dog on the treatment it is best to be kept way from bitches.

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