Top 10 most aggressive dogs!

If we don’t train our dogs properly they will not behave like they are supposed too! In this list You will see which are the most aggressive dogs, when not trained, or when they have been kept isolated from the world! It is not necessarily a dog that defines the whole breed. Anyways studies have shown that these 10 aggressive dogs have bitten a couple of people, just because they have felt threatened or scared! Remember dogs only bite for self-protection!
10-Doberman Pinscher

They have been used as police dogs, guards, or for protection. Therefore they were not expected to be friendly at first! Now that people use them as companions they have calmed down, and have bitten only nine people according to studies.

agressive dogs

9- Malamute

They are often mistaken with Husky dogs, but they belong to a wilder breed! Have been used for hard works in the mountains. They were primarily carrying the sledge in snow, at the mountains, but they are also used as family companions nowadays! The aggressive dogs list shows that they have bitten 12 people up to date!

agressive dogs8- Wolf Dog Hybrid

Just by the name we can understand that they are not the friendliest of dogs. They are half-dogs, and half-wolfs. Aggression is just a characteristic of theirs, but if trained they can be really friendly to their families! The aggressive dogs study shows that they have bitten almost 15 people up to date!

agressive dogs

7- Husky

They can be either too aggressive, or too friendly! It all depends on how people treat them, and train them at the same time! The aggressive dogs list shows that they have bitten up to 15 people till now!

agressive dogs

6- German Shepherd

Highly intelligent, but also very aware of danger or threatening situations! Their breed is used as police dogs military dogs, but also house companions! If they are treated badly, or feel threatened by something there is no doubt that they will attack!

agressive dogs5- Bullmastiff

Even though very friendly, and lovely, they can be really violent at times. They have a large body, and can attack people once they think danger is close!


4- Tosa Inu

Usually they are used as fighting dogs. That’s the reason why this Japanese breed is highly protective of themselves and their families. Don’t ever mess with them! The aggressive dogs list shows that they have bitten a couple of people!

Tosa INU

3- Rottweiler

They are very beautiful, yet highly dangerous to people! The aggressive dogs list shows that they have bitten almost 39 people! While a couple of years ago they were held responsible for killing four people! Treat them nicely, and try to make them as friendly as possible!

agressive dogs

2- Cocker Spaniel

At first you cannot believe that they are considered aggressive dogs. I tell you they hold the sec on place because they have bitten almost 59 people up to date!

Cocker Spaniel1- PitBull

They are considered to be the most dangerous dog breed in the World! That’s why they hold the first place at the list of the most aggressive dogs around the world! They have bitten, attacked and killed more than 66 people! They are used as fight dogs, and that explains their aggression!

Pit Bull

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Source: Listovative

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