Silly yet Funny Bulldog will make you LOL

There is no way that this cute Bulldog will give up. It is real that he is struggling big time, but that is no excuse. He is outside in a grey day for a major reason: Fun! That’s his goal, he wants to have some fun, but apparently some backyard furniture don’t understand it!

The silly yet funny bulldog doesn’t know how to stay on that hammock, plus it is raining and it looks like leather! What i adore here is his fighter spirit! He will not give up, and that hammock will allow him to relax a little bit and have some fun.

Now that I think better I think that this silly yet funny dog wouldn’t enjoy his time outside as much if it wasn’t for the hammock! I had to hit the reply button for a couple times. Totally in love with that chubby creature!

What do you think?

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