“No more barking” – The device that will allow us to understand how dogs think!

Imagine your dog was able to speak?In Sweden, a group of researchers, “Discoverer Nordic Association” under the slogan “No more barking” are working on a  program that can help us be able to understand what dogs think.

Even before attempts were made to find the right way to understand the best friend of man, dogs. But this time it seems that this group is closer to the discovery that will unquestionably be a great discovery.
They write: “Using brain emits waves that we will be able to disassociate some of the thoughts, of course these waves vary in different breeds and dog, but it is possible to catch several of the basic thoughts”.
The working group is working with various computer programs, using EEG sensors (electroencephalography), and special microphones.
At the moment this program is only in English but will behave in other languages.

“Right now we encountered some obstacles, but we hope that soon we will be able to come to a complete program, but hey, the first computer that was produced was a failure or not” – writes the working group on their web.

Of course, this invention will be a great help for us, Veterinarians in our clinics: Who wouldn’t want the patient to indicate which part of the body is in pain, or why they don’t feel good .

Therefore, we wish success to the working group!

What do you think?

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