Old dog has the best reaction to his mommy’s return… OH MY

Having a dog for a very long time, makes everything more special. You consider him part of the family; he is always there for you; he goes everywhere with you; and together you share a really strong bond. All I just said becomes even more and more special when years pass by. Especially if you have had the dog for 13-years, and suddenly you have to leave him home because you have to do a three month army training. I bet it is really difficult to leave your dog home especially if he is an old dog, and you don’t know if he will be there when you come back. This is what happened to Hannah Foraker.

When she leaved her dog home back in September because she had to do a three-month training, she was devastated. She knew that the dog is old now, and anything can happen day after day. But fortunately the dog was doing fine, and when she went home for the Christmas break, she was so happy to see her four-legged companion still holding on.

As you can imagine the happiest one in the video is the dog. The 13-year old Golden Retriever named Buddy was literally flying from happiness. She could not believe that she got to see mommy again. The poor thing can’t hide her emotions. She wags his tail, breathes heavily, and starts licking her mommy. This is her way of saying: “Finally you are here. I missed you so much, and I thought I was never going to see you again.” And then my favorite part comes; Buddy lays down and rests her head in her mom’s thigh. She is literally hugging her, and holding on to her so tight. I am speechless.. Reunions make me cry and this one was no exception. Enjoy you guys…

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