Owner tells dog he just got a new kitten – Dog reaction is absolutely priceless

Now this video was just epic. It actually reminded me of those movies where the main character is the pet of the house talking about his life, sharing his feelings and wishes as if he were a humans. If only dogs could talk, that would have been just awesome. Same as us they have emotions that need to be directed somehow, but since talking them out is not an option they end up making messes around the house and acting naughty trying to relieve some steam.

The creative owner of this dog, has published this video showing how he and his dog have a conversation about the new kitten he has brought home. And the dogs voice in this case is dubbed by the owner himself. As the video goes on you will see them discussing about how badly the dog wanted a friend to play with followed by the excitement of the pooch after finding out about the new member added to the family.

What do you think?

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