Saving your Dog with CPR

Pet Cpr, DOG CPR

Seeing your dog in a life-threatening situation can be a frightening and stressful experience, especially if the dog is unresponsive. Equipping yourself with the knowledge of dog cpr to effectively recognize and take action treating your dog’s condition can keep you calm and greatly increase your dog’s chance of survival.  Here are four steps how to do dog CPR.

1. Check for breathing and pulse. Check for pule using middle and index finger below wrist, inner thigh, below the ankle or where left elbow touches the chest.

2. Look for other warning signs. Gums and lips will appear gray Pupils will be dilated.

3. If no pulse, start compressions Lay animal on right side and place hands over ribs its elbow touches the chest. Do not give compressions if dog has pulse.

4. If not breathing, give mouth-to- mouth Cats & small dogs: place your mouth over nose and mouth, blow air in. Do the same for Medium-Large dogs.

Pet Cpr, DOG CPRImage Credit: Bullyade

(CPR = Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

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