Siberian Husky Eye Colors

Siberian Husky Eye Colors

Siberian Huskies are born with beautiful, usually blue eyes, but you may be surprised to know that Siberian Husky can came with many different eye colors.

Many people believe that the diversity of colors in the eyes of Huskies is a problem for them, but it’s not. Heterochromia is caused due to uneven melanin distribution and inbreeding. It occurs in many other breeds of dogs (Australian Shepherd would probably be right behind the Husky), cats, and horses.

The different eye colors amaze everyone, specially those who doesn’t have any information about this phenomenon. See this list of five different combinations of Siberian Husky eye colors.

1. Brown Eyes

Siberian Husky eyes colors

2. Bi-eyed. The eye colors are different, one blue and one brown.

Siberian Husky Eye Colors

3. Blue eyes

Siberian Husky Eye Colors

4. Parti or split eye

Siberian Husky Eye Colors

5. Orange eyes

Siberian Husky Eye Colors

Featured Image Credit: Forever Husky  

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