Spain opens the first pool for dogs

Spain opens first pool for dogs.-People who love animals find it very difficult to leave them alone when they go on vacation. “Canino Can Jane” is a place called Roca del Valles in Spain, has built a pool just for dogs.
Depth is calculated only for these pets and not for their owners. The resort is a 5 star hotel for dogs and has a 20-year experience in handling them.

The leader of this resort, Federica Cano, said that when he saw a pool, which allow dogs to swim near people, decided to do something great , to create a resort just for pets.

“I do not understand why dogs should not be allowed to swim in the pool, when the sun is as fiery as for the people, and for them, especially in Spain, where the weather is very hot. I’ve designed this so that it looks like a small beach, exactly as evaluate dogs. The best thing is that they burn a lot of energy here. Bring the dog in the resort and you can see that they will sleep for the next two days, “said Cano.

This is the first resort in the world that opens specially for dogs, for whom there are many different accessories.

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