How to choose the right games for your dog?

For your dog has come the moment to play, and a good opportunity to train, is to stimulate the mind and create a close bond with each other. So you can choose the right game.

Make sure that any game type to be in the right size, too small games can be dangerous (he can swallow and that causes damage to the stomach), also pay attention to the striped wire or slingshot, that he may find interesting, but do not constitute a beautiful game. Just as with children, should avoid games that can be broken and divided in many pieces as he can swallow (as plastic doll eyes).

Go get it!

A tennis ball is the classic choice to play. It bounces,the dog can bite and can be easily distracted. Frisbees can also be fantastic to play. If an object has rebounded in irregularly this could be a game even more interesting, the dog could not foresee where they will bounce and in this way it becomes something more interesting for him. Games of hard rubber are a very good choice, since it can be thrown, bitten or rotate.

Tik trick!

Games with sound are more fun for dogs.In most cases are satisfied by bitting and hearing the noise. Some dogs like games with the soft material. To fondle, to walk, to jump over it, sit above and lick. The ideal is to wash in the washing machine occasionally.

Tip: Do not buy many toys. Make and play with little change after some time. This trick will make the dog always be withdrawn from the games and you perceive them as new. You can hide the games until he finds it, a nice way to be surprised and to make him part of the game.

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