5 Pictures Of The Cutest Chinese Panda Dogs

You think it’s a little baby panda? No it’s not. But in all actuality, the Panda Dog is not a Panda at all — they are usually Chow Chows, a fluffy breed of dog also native to China, who have been specially groomed, hair clipped and dyed so that they merely resemble Pandas. Pet shop owner Hsin Ch’en can barely keep up with the public’s demand for Panda Dogs at his store in China’s southwest Sichuan Province, where he and his staff spend their days grooming Chow pups to look like Pandas.
They turn a chow into a panda dog in about two hours with a bit of careful grooming and coloring. It lasts about six weeks and owners bring their dogs back to the pet shop owner who is expert in this. He also reassured that there are no chemicals or cruelty involved. Here are 5 more pictures for you to enjoy their cuteness.

#1. A cute baby chow chow that looks like baby panda

#2. With his mamma

panda dogs

3. Yet another adorable puppy. Who wouldn’t like having one.

#4. See the difference? The dog is on the left and baby panda on the right.

#5. Looking really happy

What do you think?

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