This Guy Shot And Killed A K9 Officer. Now, He’s Sentenced To 45 Years In Prison

Being a police officer has never been an easy assignment. Every single person that aspires and becomes an officer knows quite well the risks they will go throughout their careers. Among the same line of work as the police officer, serve K9 officers. They too, go throw countless of risks on a daily basis and are always in danger from the senseless violence.
Even today speaking there are many officer deaths, more than 100 hundred of these cases are still waiting for trial. Among hundreds of unsolved cases, one about a K9 officer that was shot and killed in the line of duty. At least he is getting the deserved justice.

All these happened one night when the K9 officer and his partner went to the scene where the burglary of a local shop had happened. It was there, where the suspect shot in cold blood without thinking it twice. Although the officer dog was rushed to the animals hospital they could do nothing to save his life. Is was too late.

The K9 officer had been part of the force since he was just eight months old. He even was considered a staple in his community. Many colleagues and other community members came to pay him their respect and honor the dog at his funeral.

It took seven months for justice to be made. In one of the court hearings of the suspected, he was charged also for the death of a police officer and robbery. He was sentenced 45 years in prison. The states legislator is working on new laws that would give severe sentences to those who harm K9 officers.

Although the judge was pretty harsh about the given sentence, nothing will bring back the lost officer and erase his fellow colleagues the moment they had to carry the dog officer to his last home.

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