Tiga’s Tail: How A Disabled Bali Dog Never Gave Up

In 2014 this poor puppy was just 12 weeks and got hit by a car, paralyzing his both back legs. As he was brought rushing in in the shelter, a volunteer saw the whole scene and in how much pain the puppy was.

With the following days the volunteer became closer and closer with the injured puppy falling in love with him. Although at first the dog tried to bite him, the volunteer felt an instant connection with him.

Even though the puppy was left paralyzed there was still hope for him to walk again. During that time he stayed with the volunteer at his place where he made what he could to help with the pups recovery.

Unfortunately after a month, precisely when he had arranged some x-rays to check the legs and we were told that he will never walk again. So the volunteer was obliged to fly back home with a broken heart living the poor disabled pup behind.

After 4 months the volunteer came back in Bali and found the grown pup know in horrible condition. He had been extremely neglected during that period of time. So the volunteer took him back at his place again for the six weeks he was staying there. During that time he loved that dog with all his heart, showered him with cuddles and affection and saw a drastic change in the dogs behavior. He was happy! The weeks went by fast and still he did not had the needed funds to find a permanent solution for the disabled dog.

The third time the volunteer visited Bali again was after a whole year. As he walked in the shelter he entered a shocking state as he saw that the dog was in the worst shape he had ever seen him. He was extremely skinny, malnourished and the most horrible part was that his back legs had been amputated. Although he had been donating in the shelter precisely for the well being of this dog no one bothered to inform him about this surgery.

This had happened just days before his arrival. The dog was lied inside a cage crying from the pain, nursing two bloody stumps. And if this wasn’t bad enough, they had performed the surgery so poorly, cutting a nerve on his leg that caused his genitals to be constantly  exposed. Seeing him in that condition left the volunteer wonder about his actions. He could not help but feel as he had betrayed the poor disabled dog by leaving him behind. He even got to wonder if was all this pain worth it.

In that state of mind he decided to ask the dog himself if he wished to fight for his life. He asked the dog to put his head on his lap if wasn’t ready to be putted down. And as crazy as it sounds the dog stopped crying and leaned his head on his lap. Perhaps it was just a coincidence that was all the volunteer needed to start moving things around.

This is how the Foundation was born. As true as it is that the disabled dog was the reason why it was born, the volunteer wanted to help as many dogs as he could. There are countless of dogs living in the streets of Bali sick and malnourished. The idea was to have a large amount of land where the dog sanctuary will be built. The dogs will be able to move around freely during their recovery state and there will be a full time carer that will provide them medical assistance. But even more important than all these is the love this dogs will receive cause perhaps that is the one thing they need most.  For the past six months the foundation has grown and know they have under their care the disabled dog that started all this and some other dogs.

Now the beloved dog of the volunteer is happy and well again. They did try to fit a wheelchair to help him move around easily, it didn’t fit due to the way his back legs were amputated. But that does not bother him much, since now he has all the room he needs to scoot around with his two front legs.

He is even the leader of the pack now. Finding him in that condition and seeing how well he is doing now seems like a dream. We can not say nothing else but wish them good luck with their foundation and we hope they reach and help as many dogs in need as possible.

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