7 Most Toxic Foods To Dogs

Most Toxic Foods To Dogs

Most dogs love food but some foods can be very dangerous for them. If you are a dog owner, this information is useful for you. Here are 7 Most Toxic Foods your dog should never eat:

#1 Chocolate: Chocolate contains a substance called Theobromine which is similar with caffeine and can cause heart attacks.

toxic food for dogs

#2 Onions are toxic to not only dogs but cats, horses, sheep and cattle. They can damage red blood cells and also can cause hemolytic anemia.

#3 Garlic Sometimes garlic can be harmful. Many dogs can be allergic to them.

Most Toxic Foods To Dogs

#4 Alcohol : Drinking alcohol can cause symptoms ranging from vomiting to brain damage and even death.

Most Toxic Foods To Dogs

#5 Green potatoes can be toxic to dogs. They contain solanine and other toxic alkaloids which, if eaten in large enough amounts, can produce drooling, severe gastrointestinal upset, including vomiting and diarrhea.

#6 Grapes and raisins toxicity can cause kidney failure  with lack of urine production

#7 Peach . After eating some peaches , your dog can experience a mild case of diarrhea or looser stools

There might be other toxic foods your pet should never eat.

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