10 Ways Dogs Say I Love You But We Miss It

ways dogs say i love you

There is no need for big acts to let a loved one know how much you love them. Most of the time are the little things that make all the difference.
Unfortunately we do not always get those small signs that indicate their love toward us. Dogs idealize their owner, they truly believe he/she is the most awesome human on earth. Here there are 10 Ways Dogs Say I Love You But We Miss It


#1 They bring you stuff you do not really need as a sign of love. It can be an old toy, a rotten fruit or whatever he finds around the house. You should notice and appreciate his gesture.


#2 We know dogs are motivated by food. If their tummy is full and they are still standing near you, seeking a cozy cuddle….it means they are here for you not because you will give them food.


 #3 Science has shown that the phenomenon of contagious yawning is a sign of empathy among humans. Apparently this happens with dogs too. They mimic our yawn as a sign of their compassion.


#4 Puppies how ignore you when you are getting ready to go out and leave them all alone are the ones how believe in you. They know you will return to them.


#5 Puppies who get all crazy when you return home. They express their joy by jumping towards you, licking, kissing, barfing…this are all signs of how much he missed you and loves you.


#6 When he stares at you with those sweet puppy eyes. It looks like he is hugging you with his eyes. Lovely huh?


#7 When your dogs makes facial expressions at you. A study showed that dogs demonstrate less facial activity upon strangers.


#8 When your puppy leans on your legs it shows his trust. He knows you will take care of him and his needs.


#9 When he sprawls on the entire surface of the bed leaving you zero space to lye down. It seems selfish right? Well you are wrong, he wants you to know that the only place he wants to be be is there besides you.

ways dogs say i love you

#10 They want leave your sight. Wherever you go they are right behind you. They just love you so much!

Do you find yourself in this list with 10 Ways Dogs Say I Love You But We Miss It?


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