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What can your dog favorite sleeping position tell you about them?

dog favorite sleeping position

Same as humans, dogs too have their own personality and even a favorite position when it comes to nap time. And if we tell you that each sleep position has a certain meaning that tells you more about your dog i bet you would want to learn more about it.

Keep on reading and by the end of it you will know more about your pups habits and personality.

#1 A dog sleeping on the side means they feel very comfortable as well as confident and secure.  Dog that have this as their favorite sleeping position are loyal, confident and happy dogs.

dog favorite sleeping position

#2 Snuggling is the most common sleeping position among dogs. This is the favorite position for many dogs because it helps them preserve their body heat. These dogs are generally easy going and gentle.

dog favorite sleeping position

#3 Dogs that sleep on their belly with their limbs stretched out have a great personality. Puppies are more prone to chose this super pet position rather than adults. They are very happy, full of energy and easily motivated.

dog favorite sleeping position

#4 A dog sleeping like this might seem funny to us but actually feels very comfortable for them. These means that these dogs are very happy with their families, confident and secure with themselves. Also they tend to be very relaxed independent dogs.

dog favorite sleeping position

#5 If your dog chooses to sleep on his tummy means that he is not completely relaxed. This is more like a preparation position before they get comfortable for the nights sleep. Dogs that choose this position are energetic and always willing to play with you. They are adventurous with a sweet personality and might be a little shy too.

puppy sleeping on tummy

#6 Seeing your dog on this position might leave you worried since it seems like your dog has passed out but don’t worry. He is just trying to cool down as quickly as possible. Dogs sleeping like this are happy, relaxed and feel safe in their surrounding.

puppy passed out :P

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