When This Little Pup Is Given A Blanket, He Does The Cutest Thing

Just try not to fall in love with puppies rolling themselves into burritos

Who knew that puppies and burritos could ever go together. Will not only do they go together in the most adorable way, but we also have a name for it “Puppy Burritos”.

Now do not get me wrong… There is not eating involved here! Just puppies rolled up like wraps in the most adorable ways. Some have mastered to roll their self in a blanket while other are obliged to roll in one without their will. Some adoptive parents happen to enjoy rolling their puppies like their were burritos just for the fun of it.

Onee… Two… Three… Yayy I made it, Now I am rolled and warm! Watch the video for more cute puppy burritos!

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