Here It Is What Really Happens When Your Dog Licks Your Face

We all have seen people that let their dog lick them in the face and kiss them in the mouth. It might look sweet, cute and all that there should be some boundaries.

Allowing your dog to come that close up to your face it goes beyond my understanding. Do not get me wrong here, I do love dogs and adore puppies. But letting them cover your entire face full of germs does not mean that you love them more than others do. Dogs intend to lick everything they find. Isn’t this enough to gross you out?

You should take care of yourself and your health. Did you knew that 84% of the bacteria found in a dogs mouth it differs from the bacteria a humans mouth contains. This bacteria can be very harmful for humans if it is transferred. It might cause gingivitis, periodontal disease and even porphyromonas gulae.

Do I have your attention by now? Either way if you are not convinced yet than this should do it. A certain bacteria found in a dogs mouth is antibiotic resistant. If you would end up getting it, it would be very very hard to treat and heal.

After all this being said, an occasional lick here and there would not hurt as long as they are sporadic.

What do you think?

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