Introducing a Husky With a Cat

Introducing a Husky With a Cat

It is more than possible for a dog and a cat to get along just fine with one another and share the same house. At the beginning, the introduction might be a little bit tricky and require more of your attention, but at the end they can even end up being the best of friends. Give them time and make sure to follow the advises we are about to give you in this article.

It is suggested to keep them separated before making the introduction. When you bring a new cat or dog in the house give them time to adjust with the new place first. It might be stressful for them go get to know other fury family members right away. Once you see that the new pet has started to eat normally and using the sandbox continuously, you will know that he/she is ready to meet the the rest of the family.

Now, when you do the introduction keep the dog in a leash to be sure because we do not know how he might react. The first time give them about 10 minutes together in a room. Than once they first date goes well you can increase the time they spend together. It might be a while…but it will finally happen, they will eventually accept each others presence and be comfortable around one another.

They personality tells a lot about their ability to adjust and accept another pet. If your dog is carefree and your cat the confident type than you will not have a problem. On the other hand if their personality is a little bit difficult than you will have to work harder with them.

Make sure to be always around then, even from a distance.Do not leave them alone in the same room until you are fully confident that there is no risk of something going wrong. Also it is very important to secure a place for the cat to be safe if the need arises.

The dog must know the basic commands in order to help the cat feel safe. Make sure your dog is well trained if you wan’t to bring a cat in the house. And always keep treats on you, so whenever he behaves good around the cat you reward him.

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