Why you should get a dog

why you should get a dog

10 Reasons Why you should get a dog.

1. We all are aware that walking provides us with unlimited health benefits, such as lowering our blood pressure, reducing stress, providing us with a sound sleep, preventing and many more countless advantages. When we walk, run or bicycle with a friend then it is more fun to do. When we own a dog, we are also getting an added bonus of healthy and longer life.

2. When we have a dog we can learn great life skills from them. A dog will make us responsible as we have to look after all its needs such as we have to take care of its food, give him a shower, take him for a walk and many other things. This will inculcate in us a sense of responsibility which instills in us the nature to share things with everyone. A dog can also teach us compassion, negotiation and increases our patience level.

3. Dogs help us to make new friends in many different platforms. Taking our dog for a walk in a park or a garden, gives us the chance to meet new people and interact with them. Dogs provide structure and meaning to their life by helping them to socialize. That is how, dogs act as a bridge to establish contact with other people and can provide us with a lot of more friends apart from them.

4. Dogs are the best guards. Their senses are stronger as compared to humans. They can smell danger from far distances and because of their unconditional love for us will do anything to protect us from it. Petting a dog provides us house safety from robberies and theft as dogs start barking loudly whenever they sense something fishy thereby guarding our house and protecting us.

5. A dog has the ability to relax our mood. When we came back home from work, the way the dog greet us with so much affection, it just vanishes all the stress and tension that we have because of work. According to studies conducted on dogs, it has been stated that it is in the nature of dogs to make people happy, as it makes dogs happy. They basically teaches us how to enjoy life.

6. We can cry in front of them or express all our feelings in front of them, and they literally understand it. One can always share what they feel in front of their dog, and they will definitely be there to listen to us and comfort us. Dogs feel our pain because they treat us like our family and that is why they never leave us alone, come what may. They act like our support system during our bad times and know how to comfort us.

7. Loyalty of dogs never eXpire. Once they start loving you, they will always remain loyal to you whether it is any situation. Because of the loyalty that they possess to their owner, they are even sometimes referred to us pack animals. They want to belong or be part of a pack, whether it is made of humans or dogs or in fact any animals. It is in their instinct to want to bond, to protect the leader and members of their pack.

8. Companionship means a state of being with someone or to have someone in our life with whom we can perform every single task. Dogs are social animals that bloom an companionship with their family. They act like our companions because we can eat with them, watch television with them, go out with them, sleep with them and can do almost every single activity of our daly routine with them.

9. They can be taught cleanliness tips such as if they want to pee then they either go to the washroom or outside the house, not to drop the food, to pick up the waste and throw it in the dustbin and many other things that will keep the house clean. Since they are very good and fast learners, they grasp all there tips very easily and follow them with full obedience in order to keep the house clean.

10. If we pet a dog, we can definitely imagine never feeling unloved again. The best part about their love is that they never judge, they just provide us with unconditional love. Many people would say to us, that they will love us forever, but dogs are the only ones who actually mean it. They love for us know no boundaries and therefore us hanging in any situation.

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