10 Most Dangerous Wild Dogs

most dangerous wild dogs in the world

This are Top 10 Most Dangerous Wild Dogs that you can’t have them as a pet at your home. This can be very danger at anytime for your children and family members. So, be aware on choosing this dog’s.

The World’s Most Dangerous Wild Dogs

  1. The Jackal dog
  2. Cape hunting dog
  3. The Dingo
  4. The Coyote
  5. White wolf
  6. Brown Hyena
  7. The Black Wolf
  8. The Gray Wolf
  9. Spotted Hyena
  10. Striped Hyena

10. The Jackal dog. Their height is about 70-80 centimeters and wight about 25-50 pounds.

top 10 most dangerous wild dogs

9. Cape hunting dog. Height 70-85 cm and weight 50-75 pounds.

world's most dangerous wild dogs

8. The Dingo. Height 50- 60 cm,  weight 50- 65 punds.

top ten most dangerous wild dogs

7. The Coyote. Height 55- 65 cm, wight 45- 65 pound.

coyote tail is fluffy

6. White wolf. Height 80- 85 cm, wight 80-90 pounds.

the most dangerous wild dog

5. Brown Hyena. Height 70-80 cm, Weight 80-90 pounds.

The Brown Hyena

4. The Black Wolf. Height 75-80cm, Weight 80-100 pounds.the black wolf

3. The Gray Wolf. Height 80-85cm, weight 85- 95 pounds.

Gray Wolf

2. Spotted Hyena. Height 70-90cm. Weight 60- 110 pounds.

Spotted Hyena

1. Striped Hyena. Height 60- 80cm. weight 44-120 pounds.
Striped Hyena

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