Wolf dogs are the best? These 10 fellas will tell you why…

wolf dogs love adventures

Do you or any of your friends own a wolf dog? If yes, then we are expecting to hear from you about this amazing hybrid bread. For all of you who have no idea what wolf dogs are:

“A wolf dog is a canid hybrid resulting from the hybridization of a domestic dog to one of four other Canis species, the gray, eastern timber, red, and Ethiopian wolves.”

I have never had a wolf dogs, but I have definitely read about them and they look like the coolest dog breed out there. Wanna know why I have this opinion? I have decided to tell you the why through 10 different pictures of wolf dogs. What do you think of them, and would you ever consider adopting one…

1- When they are puppies, they look a lot like Huskies. Who else besides me thinks that Husky puppies are the cutest puppies in the world?

Wolf dogs are the best

2- They are as silly and cute and adorable as any other puppy in the world can be. The special thing about them is that they have the funnies ears.

adorable wolf dog puppy

3- They love their hoomans more than anything in the world, and they appreciate it when you treat them just as babies.

wolf dogs love their hoomans

4- They are very easy going, and they love to make new friends on the daily basis.

wolf dogs love to make new friends

5- They appreciate the long adventures outdoors because they get to explore everything around them. One of their favorite things to do? Collecting wood sticks of course.

[wolfdogs] Great Outdoors

6- While on the outside, wolf dogs love to meditate, or you can call it sleep if you want. They love to close the eyes and enjoy all the tranquility.

wolf dogs love to meditate

7- They have the most adorable face expressions you will ever see. They are too hyper and happy, and they have no shame to show their emotions.

about wolf dogs

8- They look the cutest when they try to keep a serious face. They truly are such badasses.

wolfdogs as pets

9- They love going on adventures across the country with their buddy. They do appreciate the beauty of life.

wolf dogs love adventures

10- They are not dangerous at all. On the contrary they are just as sweet as any other pure breed dog.

Source: Buzzfeed

What do you think?

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