These 10 dogs on the train have the most amazing face expressions you’ll ever see…

When I first saw this I was like, OH MY GOSH!!! YEAP that is right. I love dogs so much that whenever I see one in public i never hesitate to stop and pet them for a little while. I mean what can I do, they are just too cute and too sweet to handle. Where I live, there is no metro, but in many other cities in the world where the metro is functional, many dogs have been seen taking advantage of it. Of course they do not travel alone because they are always accompanied by their fellow humans. What I wanted to share with you in this article are the face expressions that these heavenly creatures make. Some of them are truly amazed by the beauty of this mean of public transportation, while others have nothing positive to say. Enjoy….

1- “Okay can you imagine that I have to go through that big dangerous gap. You have to help me this time OK?”

train dogs10

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