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You can learn a thing or two from these 10 smiley dogs…

Dogs apparently know the expression that says; “Smiling/Laughing is the best medicine.” Now officially I can tell you that I found the reason why dogs are happy all the time. Dogs smile all the time, and that big smile they wear all the time, is the reason behind their happiness. If you want to life a YOLO life, just like dogs do, then you should get an advice or two from these smiley dogs. I can guarantee that your life will turnaround just like that. Just make sure to follow every step, and don’t forget to smile along the way…

1- The secret is to enjoy every little thing in life. Everything you have is a blessing, so don’t throw that away.


2- Even when you find yourself in a sticky situation, remember that S*it happens, and there is nothing you can do about it!smile8

3- When you put a big smile in your face, then the inverse will work in your odds. Life will get better and easier, faster!!!smile7

4- Even when your best friend gets married SMILE. Remember that shortly she will be com paining about everything, and you will be single and slaying. (JOKE)smile6

5- Even when they lock you inside, you have to smile about the fact that soon you will truly appreciate what it feels like to be free!! smile5

6- And when you are bored and have nothing interesting to do, then Smile my friend. Life is far more beautiful than you think. smile4

7- If they call you a weirdo for being different, respond them with a big, bright, shiny smile in your purrfect face. You just do you!! smile3

8- Never EVER be afraid of showing your true feelings. First you should be true to yourself, and second you have to be happy with who you are… smile2

9- Smile even when you have no reason at all to do so. You never know what’s next…smile1

10- Smile because Life is too short not to do so… smile11

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