Every Christmas, This Photographer Turns His Dog Into Different Animals

December 22, 2016 Off By admin

Thorpe photographer has started this tradition 20 years ago. At first he started transforming his previous dog into different animals for the annual holiday card. After the dog passed way, he continued the same tradition with his other dog.
With the facilities of apps and programs in this era it is rare to see a photographer working without Photoshop. He does all his creative work using real props. If other families take a picture of themselves with their children on matching outfits, he sends out his wishes on his holiday card with the picture of his dog in front of it. And we are not talking about a regular pictures.

Down below we have some pictures from the previous years of his dog dressed like another animal. Seeing these makes us wonder what will his choice be this year!

As a mouse on 2004…

As a camel on 2006…

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