10 Adorable And Cute Puppies Saying Hi

Cute Puppies Saying Hi

Cute Puppies Saying Hi are among the cutest creatures mankind has ever seen. I had forgotten how adorable they are. But recently our Husky gave birth to 8 puppies, who are reminding me once again how fantastic they are. Now that they are almost a month old, they have started to feed themselves. It is understood that the only food they can consume at this age is only milk.

On the other hand, they have become very sensitive to our every move in the house. As soon as they hear that we have gone home, they are suddenly shaken by their tiny tails. Their desire to be with us has already begun. Their greatest desire, which will accompany them every day of their lives.

By focusing on the material, I endorse the fact that puppies are adorable. Only a month and have begun to exalt with our presence. They have started playing with each other but they also want to play with us. So the atmosphere in our house is heated and ready to explode in games and entertainment.

However, today we will talk about puppies that do not hesitate to greet us in their own way. Someone greets us with a smiling face, another greeting us with his hands. They are all a great love. With that said I invite you to see for yourself how adorable they are. 

Cute Puppies Saying Hi

#1 This whitey hear has earned his reputation as the dog that pokes his head from its garden fence to say Hi.

#2 What are you doing down there buddy?

Cute Puppies Saying Hi

#3 Hey let me see! – What, what, I want to see too!

#4 I just wanna squeeze this one, seriously…Just look at that face!

Cute Puppies Saying Hi

#5 This Husky loves the dirt 

Cute Puppies Saying Hi

#6 Check out that face expression…Hilarious!

#7 Hi back TO YOU lovely baby. 

#8 Hello everyone!

Cute Puppies Saying Hi

#9 He so desperately wants to say hi, and after struggling a little bit he  finally succeeds.

Cute Puppies Saying Hi

#10 Here is another curious one…He would be an excellent Neighborhood Watch!

Cute Puppies Saying Hi


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Written by Erjona Dyrmo

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