10 Best Breeds That Adapt Quite Well With Kids

The dog breeds mentioned below are suitable not only when you have kids around but also for small apartments or even people with allergy conditions.

We also have to keep in mind that no dog is perfect, one might be good with kids but cause allergies or another can be perfectly suitable for small apartments but does not do very well with children and so on.

Be seeing this list of 10 best breeds for kids might help you to decide on the breed that suits your needs.

#1 Affenpinscher is very suitable for small apartments but not so good with kids, and unfortunately is hypoallergenic breed. They are the oldest breed from the small ones and can be perfect companions.


#2 Border Terrier get very well with children, regardless of their age, fit good in small space apartments and although they are a hypoallergenic breed, they rarely cause allergies. Borders are calm, gentle and go quite well also with other pets.


#3 Yorkshire Terrier is perfect for girls, rarely causes allergies and can adapt everywhere. You can even take her on trips, flights or hotels. They are tender and are full with love for the ones around them.


#4 Pomeranian is the best breed for apartments, adores children but is not very suitable for those who suffer from allergies. They learn very quickly and are very obedient.

Portrait of sitting pomeranian spitz isolated on white
#5 Shih Tzu same as the Pomeranian loves the children is perfect for small apartments but it is not the first choice for those who have dog allergies.


#6 Bichon Frise on the other side looks like it fits the packet. Is suitable for small spaces, loves to play with kids and rarely causes allergies. They are very flexible and fearless but not appreciate rudeness or being punished.

#7 Cotton de Tulear is as well great with kids, rarely causes allergies and also adapts quite well in small apartments. THey are known fro their friendliness, playfulness and for having a good character.


#8 Papillon rarely causes allergies, is very kind with children and adjust good in apartments with little space.

#9 Chihuahua loves children and of course it is suitable for small places due to its tiny size. They are also suitable for those who have allergies.


#10 Basenji lie Chihuahua is suitable for the ones who do suffer from allergies but is not recommended for kids. And if it is kept in a small apartment will require daily active walking and training.


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