10 Biggest Dog Breeds From Around The World

Biggest Dog Breeds

Big dogs are so strong and can be great for protection. But they do require a lot more stuff than the small ones. Like the quantity of food, long walks, big spaces to live and so on. Here there are ten biggest dog breeds on the world.

Biggest Dog Breeds

#1 English Mastiff was originally used to hunt other animals. Their height goes around 70-75 cm and they weigh about 70 kg.

biggest dog breeds by weight - English Mastiff

#2 Newfoundland despite being big they have very long hair. They paws are webbed to help them swim quick. They approximate height is 70-78 cm.

biggest dog breeds ever

#3 Irish Wolfhound are a rare breed and a very big one. There are some that have taken them as a small horse seen from far. They are quite big in height, about 70-79 cm but not as much in weight which is around 40-60 kg.

"biggest dog breeds in the world list" Irish Wolfhound

#4 Leonberger are very powerful and originally are bred in Germany. Their height is around 65-80 cm.

what are biggest dog breeds?

#5 Pyerenean Mountain Dog are quite strong but also elegant. They are smart, independent and can live in any type of climate condition. Their height grow up to 65-80 cm.

what are largest dog breeds - Pyrenean Mountain Dog

#6 Deerhound are also known by the name Scottish Greyhounds. They were used to hunt deer and actually they were very successful doing so. They weigh up to 45 kg while their height varies from 71 to 80 cm.

Scottish Deerhound

#7 German Mastiff is also called Great Dane. Although having a large body they are very calm and peaceful dogs. These dogs height goes 72-80 cm and weight more than 55 kg.

biggest dog breeds on earth

#8 Komondor also known by the name Hungarian sheepdogs are big shaggy ones. Their height goes from 65 to 90 cm depending also on the gender.

Komondor dog

#9 St.Bernard are quite large dogs…they can grow up to be 90 cm high. Due to their enormous body size they do require spaces to live to.

what dog breeds love snow

#10 Spanish Mastiff are very talented. They are able to control herds, protect crops and also hunt animals even bigger than them. These breed grows 70 to 90 cm.

Spanish Mastiff Dog


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