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10 Dog Breeds That Love The Cold Weather And Snow

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Our community aims to educate the audience about animal adoption. To achieve this we need information, which today, is accessible for everyone. Our platform is focused on disseminating information. This is our way of supporting pets and their needs.

We support adoption due to the high number of abandoned animals, in shelters or on the streets. They are in need of a permanent family to offer them security and unconditional love. Don’t we all after all?

Today we will address a really interesting topic. Are you thinking of ADOPTING a dog but do not know what to consider? One factor to keep in mind when looking to adopt animal is what weather is best for them.

Dogs are all adorable, but not all breeds like being under the same weather. You need to keep in mind an important fact about dogs. Some prefer the warm climate and others the cold climate.

Let’s talk about 10 Dog Breeds That Love The Cold Weather while snow is the best part about it.

Dog Breeds That Love The Cold Weather

1- Siberian Husky

Siberian husky is the main breed that comes to mind when we talk about dogs that love cold weather. Known as the most famous sled attractors they have a two layer coating on their fur. Element which helps on cold and frosty days. They love the snow so much that they often prefer to stay outside for hours. Bless them.snow lover canine

2- Tibetan Mastiff

Fantastic family companion, Tibetan Mastiff also has a two-layer fur which protects him from the cold. Breed to guard houses this dog loves the cold. He is as enthusiastic about snow as children are about cookies. They are highly depended , and easily trained!snow lover canine

3- Samoyed

With a water resistant double coat, Samoyed is whiter than snow. They shed extensively during spring, meanwhile winter is their favorite season. Friendly and beautiful they love us as much as we love them. Snow lovers.snow lover canine

4- Newfoundland

Newfoundlands are double coat giants suitable for cold weather. While they love everything about winter, they are gentle, soft, and very intelligent.snow lover canine

5- Icelandic Sheepdog

It is the only native dog from Iceland. They have been adopted to the cold weather throughout the years. Guarding homes is their greatest ability, apart from the fact that they are in love with people.snow lover canine

6- Great Pyrenees

Dog Breeds That Love The Cold Weather
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With a huge body and with thick water resistant coat, Great Pyrenees also make great family members. They have been used as guard dogs.

7- Chow chow

Chow chow is used to cold weather and so is his thin coat. They make great family companions and love their owner to death!Dog Breeds That Love The Cold Weather

8- Bernese Mountain

They are developed in the Swiss alps. Have a long silky coat, thus it is very comfortable with the cold weather. Because it has a double coat!Dog Breeds That Love The Cold Weather

9- Alaskan Malamute

Just like Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamute like cold weather. They love winter because they are sled dogs.  Get one and travel the world.Dog Breeds That Love The Cold Weather

10- Akita

They are used as family companions, and guard dogs at the same time! Because of their thin coat they are able to love cold seasons. Dog Breeds That Love The Cold Weather

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