10 Facts About Dog Abuse

Dog abuse can manifest itself in the form of neglect or even cruelty toward them. Dog abuses are endless and are conducted in various ways. For example in some parts of the world, like in China the dog meat is consumed.

This is included as a form of abuse by the activists. There also the cases of persons diagnosed with zoosadism. This is defined as an act of animal abuse for personal amusement.

#1 Charitable organizations such as Dog Trust, focus on the well being of dogs world wide. They have campaigns about dog cruelty and they work really hard on finding homes for the neglected and less fortunate dogs.

#2 As dog activists believe, the laws need to prevent animal cruelty and event punish the ones that do not respect the law against abusive behavior.

#3 Billions of animals are killed every year for educational purposes.

#4 Different countries around the world have their own believes and laws when it comes to the jurisdiction regarding the animal laws and treatment. There are laws that command to keep dogs as pets, for research, education or even entertainment purposes.

#5 The number of humans that believe there is nothing wrong in using animals for their own purposes, such as entertainment, food, clothing, research is quite large. Anyhow when they are used for research the level of paint experienced from the animal has to be minimal.

#6 The dog cruelty is divided in two categories. It can be active cruelty or rather a passive one.

#7 Owners that neglect their dogs belong in the passive cruelty category. Neglect can be considered even when the owner does not see the vet when his dog is sick. Other forms of passive neglect are dehydration, starvation, parasite manifestation, inadequate shelter etc.

#8 In many case the neglect by the owners happens due to the lack of information they have on how to properly care for a dog. And exactly for that reason it is crucial to educate dog owners on how a dog should be treated.

#9 On the other hand lets not forget about the case when the dogs express violence toward the humans. Studies show that there exists a relationship where the abuse is made by the dog toward human.

#10  As far as violent character goes, it is evident that it is more developed on people who like to abuse dogs than otherwise.

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